Good Hair Day Series
Relaunch Spring

What is GHDS?

Love Your Good Hair because Good Hair is healthy hair!

The Good Hair Day Series are events created specifically to accommodate the individuals who are seeking options on how to maintain healthy hair, styles and color. It also answers their needs for product education, support and an overall the desire to enhance their God given beauty.

The Good Hair Day Series provides the platforms where this growing market of individuals can come together on a monthly basis to learn, sample products, share stories, network, eat and shop. The series was created so that young adults, women and families that want to look their best, can do so without compromising their health. Whether our participants are wearing natural hair or choosing a different path for their identity, our focus for the “Good Hair Day Series” is to help them be good to their hair and good to themselves. We provide a monthly event series in multiple cities and states, where participants can come to obtain resources, knowledge, products and support to assist in their Good Hair Journey and healthy lifestyle.



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